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Did You Know That Gun Ranges Actually Make You Worse As A Defensive Shooter?  WHY?  Because Of All The Things You Can Get Away With At A Gun Range!  At A Gun Range You're Calling The Shots...Literally!  You Decide Where On Your Target You Shoot, How Fast You Shoot, And When You Take A Break!  Not To Mention, You're In A Well Lit, Stress Free, Environment Where You Can Look At Your Gun, Use Your Sights & Take Your Time!  Most Gun Range Shooters Even Close One Eye While Shooting!  Not Only Is This A Horrible Tactical Decision To Close An Eye And Eliminate Half Of Your Peripheral Vision But, In Most Cases, It's A Biological Impossibility!  


On The Contrary, Real Life Threats Are Nothing Like The Gun Range!  Let Me Introduce You To Your Attacker...They Are A Young, Strong & Athletic Male Between The Ages Of 17 & 29.  86.2% Of The Time, They Attack You From A Distance Of 9-15 Feet (Less Than A Car Length)!  At The Range You're Standing Still Shooting At Still Paper But They Aren't Going To Stand Still Like The Silhouette Target!  They WILL Move!   And, If You Want To Reduce Your Chances Of Getting Shot Or Stabbed In The Torso By 78%, You Will Also Move!  They Can Run 21 Feet With A Weapon Less Than 1.5 Seconds!  Because They Will Attack You Out Of Ambush (Most Likely When Your Doing Something Else Like Using An ATM, Loading Groceries Or Walk To Your Car From Work) You'll Get Little To No Warning & The Attack Will Be Over In Less Than 3 Seconds!  They The Advantage Because They Decide When & How It Happens!  They Won't Come To The Party Empty Handed...71% Of The Time, They Will Use A Deadly Weapon!      It's Going To Take 3-5 Shots To Stop Most Attackers.  I've Even Seen A Video Of A Man Cut Another Man With A Machete After Getting Shot 12 Times!  If Your Attacker Is On Drugs Or Filled With Rage, They May Not Even Know You've Shot Them!  One Of Your Greatest Challenges Is The Fact That Those 3-5 Shots Have To Land In One Of  3 Small, Critical Zones On Your Attacker If You Want To End The Attack Fast & You Do Want It To End Fast!  The Longer They Are Fighting, The Greater The Chance Of Injury Or Death You Face!  Can You Imagine The Difficulty In Shooting A 3-5 Inch Target At 15 Feet While Standing Still In A No Stress Gun Range?  Now Try Doing It As Fast As You Can Humanly Pull The Trigger!  What's Worse, 98% Of Students Entering Our Academy Hold The Gun Wrong!  If You Aren't Holding The Gun Wrong, There's No Chance Of Controlling Recoil & Keeping Your Shots In That Small Of An Area!


Warrior Academy Was Specifically Designed Prepare Students To Prevail Against These Close, Fast & Deadly Attacks Using Our Rapid & Effective Process!  No Other Training Company Can Offer Such Rapid Results!  You Can Spend Thousands On Ammo & Range Fees At Gun Ranges Or You Can Invest In Yourself By Equipping Yourself With These Life Saving Skills!  Don't Be Fooled, There Are A Lot Of Instructors Offering Classes But ONLY The Warrior Academy Offers You A Fully Immersive, Complete & Cohesive Training System!  Fighting With A Gun IS A Martial Art!  Just Like You Would Sign Up For Martial Arts Lessons, You Need To Invest In You Skills With Superior Training So You Can Be Ready If You're Attacked!  With Over 1,200 Fire Star Google Reviews, The Warrior Academy Is The Highest Rated Training System In America!  The Average American Invests $804 / Year or $67 Per Month On Life Insurance But Their Family Only Gets Money If They Die!  I Call It Death Insurance Because You Have To Die For Your Loved Ones To Get It!  The Warrior Academy Is TRUE LIFE INSURANCE  That Can Actually Keep You Alive So Your Family Can Enjoy You While You're Hear!  Doesn't It Make More Sense To Invest In LIVE SAVING SKILLS & JOIN THE WARRIOR ACADEMY RIGHT NOW BEFORE YOU NEED IT!?

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