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warrior academy gold challenge package

$1500.00 On sale $197

This Option Includes ONLY Levels 2-4 ( Master Combat Accuracy + Live Fire Range & Combat Simulator ) PLUS A Discount If You Upgrade To The Platinum Package Anytime Before Level 4  **FREE LIMITED EDITION SOUVENIR GOLD ACADEMY T-SHIRT**

Terms & Conditions

I Understand & Agree That I Am Getting The Special LIMITED TIME Price.  I Agee Not To Share My Special Pricing With Anyone As Prices May Go Back Up To Normal At Any Time.  I Understand That Tactical Concealed Carry Is Offering My This Special Pricing As A One Time Offer To Raise Investment Capital For The Academy.  I Understand That The Money I'm Investing Is Non-Refundable For ANY Reason As It Is It Is Being Used For Capital & Will Be Spent Immediately.

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