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Warrior Academy Levels 1-7


The Warrior Academy is a ONE OF A KIND,  comprehensive series of classes that provide CRITICAL, LIFE SAVING KNOWLEDGE & PHYSICAL SKILLS! It’s perfect for anyone looking to protect themselves and their loved ones.  Our classes go WAY BEYOND the basic “gun shop law lecture” and “gun range sessions” where people stand still in an air-conditioned well lit environment shooting holes and paper.


Warrior Academy focuses on providing REAL, LIFE-SAVING knowledge and skills that actually give you what you really want which is safety rather than a false sense of security shooting holes and paper. In our classes, you'll learn how to prepare properly for violent attacks and how to prevail in the face of danger.

Warrior Academy classes cover a wide range of topics, including self-defense tactics, situational awareness, and combat mindset. We also provide hands-on training with firearms and other weapons, so you can develop the skills and confidence you need to defend yourself in any situation. 


  • CONCEALED CARRY 2.0™ Certification Class
  • LVL 2 - Dynamic Defensive Shooting Class (3.5 HRS)

  • LVL 3 - Mastering The Mechanism

  • LVL 4 - Virtual Threat Lab

  • LVL 5 - Tactical Skills And Drills

  • LVL 6 - Conquering At Close Quarters CQB


  • LVL 8 - 3 Months of Advanced Skillbuilding

  • Repeat any (Single) Academy Session

  • $250 Home Laser Training System




After purchase you will be able to download a PDF with important instructions on how to register for events

Elite Academy Plan

$3,500.00 Regular Price
$1,197.00Sale Price
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