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This compact design is the ultimate in low-profile, low-print, concealed-carry holsters! Its unique, half-body design brings the weapon tight against the waist, and provides a secure fit for many weapon models (see rear packaging for details), without compromising retention. This ultra slim holster yields an almost imperceptible print with handguns of almost any frame size, which makes it perfect for concealed carry on the waist with whatever you choose to carry.


This nearly perfect, highly concealable holster series is truly unique. Numerous operators have subjected the it to extreme torture with some of the harshest field testing - real world ops. Fits Over 150 Handgun Models including but not limited to: Glock (All Models; Stealth Operator Compact fits G34/35); Taurus (840, 24/7, 609, PT92, 809); Ruger (SR Series, P95); S&W (Sigma Series, M&P, P99), Springfield (XD, XDM); H&K (P30); Beretta (PX4, 92, 96, 90/2); Sig (P224, P226, P229).

Multi-fit Holster (Up to150 Types of Guns)

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