Don't bet your safety on a "gun shop style" class that only covers basic law!  If you're looking for real training, this is it!  "It's not a class, it's an experience!"  Our reviews give you an idea of the massive difference between Tactical Concealed Carry and other classes.  We offer the most complete, hands-on training at the lowest price in Jacksonville.  


Our students have awarded us over 600 five star ratings across 3 platforms!  This experience uses a $9k laser gun simulator and prepares students to deal with "real world" threats.  


Upcoming group classes:

are typically every other Saturday from 11:00 AM till 3:30 PM.  

Call 844-426-7233 to confirm dates



Get the best for less!  Click the link below to book a group class today!



**ON SALE** 1 FOR $39.95 OR 2 FOR  $69.95!




Semi-Private classes are perfect for those wanting a smaller, more personal class experience.  Both the Semi-Private and Private Group are also offered during on weekdays!  If you can't make a Saturday class or want it done sooner, these are great options!

You'll still get the same great training curriculum but with fewer students, so it's more personalized.


These classes typically have less than 5 students and are very personalized.  If you pick the date and time, it's Only $149.95 for 1 person & $199.95 for 2.  If you plug into a class that's already scheduled, its It's only $99.95 for 1 & $159.95 for 2! That's only a little bit more than a gun shop class and it's a small private group with real tactical training!  





Get the best for less!  Call and book a Semi-Private today!



**ON SALE** Now Only $99.95!




We like to call this option a "Packin-Party!"  This is our most exclusive training option!  It's great for parties, churches, corporate team building etc!  It's scheduled around Your convenience and limited to your guests only.  The minimum $499.95 fee includes the first 6 students and it's $59.95 for each additional student!   We can host this event or bring the class to you!  We bring the laser range and set it up on-site!  This option includes your private concealed weapons certification class and hands-on interactive laser range session to establish proper posture, handgun grip, and sight alignment. You'll be shooting like a pro in no time!  


If you're looking for the highest level of personalized attention and coaching in a private exclusive environment, you'll love this option!


Get the best for less!  Call and book a Private Group Class today!





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